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Property Appraiser’s Office Volunteer Beach Clean-Up

For residents of Pinellas County, it’s no surprise that our sandy shores win acclaim from travel experts and publications.   Any resident of Pinellas County is happy to boast the 35 miles of open beaches that encase almost all sides of our little peninsula – From downtown St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, these beaches are the pride of the county!

As residents of Pinellas County, we take our beaches seriously. Whether it includes preservation efforts to secure natural wildlife or to secure human-built assets during inclement weather, we do what is necessary to preserve the integrity of our county’s most sacred natural resource. Ultimately, we want others to enjoy this spectacular attraction – just as much as we do, and for many generations to come.

This is exactly why a beach clean-up was an absolute no-brainer when the Pinellas County Property Appraiser’s Office was looking for a volunteer staff activity for the spring. After a year of staying indoors away from large groups and gatherings, the PCPAO wanted to participate in an activity that afforded physical distancing in the open air.  Our office forged a relationship with Treasure Island Adopt-A-Beach, and this intrepid team of community volunteers was ready and willing to help the PAO organize a group of employees for their early Spring Clean. Everyone who participated enjoyed a lovely morning on the one of the country’s finest beaches doing some real good for our residents, visitors, and environment.

In the end, the several dozen PAO volunteers picked up over 350 pounds of trash!